Flight Schedule

Schedule effective: January 2019. Flight schedule is subject to change without notice. Please call the airport for updated information.


AirlineFlight NumberArriving From TimeDays Available
Delta4248Detroit9:44 amSaturday Only
Delta4248Detroit1:48 pmSunday - Friday
< American Airlines 3535Chicago2:09 pmSaturday Only
Delta4330Detroit5:33 pmSunday - Friday
American Airlines3886Chicago8:39 pmSunday - Friday
Delta7387MSP/St. Paul10:48 pmSunday - Saturday (Every Day)


AirlineFlight NumberDeparting ToTimeDays Available
Delta7362MSP/St. Paul7:08 amSunday - Saturday (Every Day)
American Airlines3535Chicago8:40 amSunday - Friday (No Saturday)
Delta4248Detroit10:20 amSaturday Only
Delta4248Detroit2:14 pmSunday - Friday (No Saturday)
American Airlines3535Chicago2:50 pmSaturday Only
Delta4330Detroit6:00 pmSunday - Friday (No Saturday)