Marquette, MI
Sawyer Airport

Access Control

Sawyer International Airport is in the beginning stages of implementing new levels of security to provide a more secure airfield for all of the airport tenants and users; the changes will include the installation of new access controls at several vehicle access gates.  The access control upgrades will have gate card proximity readers at the entry and exit sides of the Airport Operation Area (AOA) gates and the readers will operate with personalized access badges which are specific to each individual user.

We are anticipating this system will be operational in the spring of 2016 and Sawyer staff will need to enlist your help insuring that everyone requiring access to these specific gates will have the proper media issued before the system is activated.  

We request that all general aviation users provide the airport management with the names of persons requiring an access badge.  Also accompanying the issuance of the badges, all persons operating a vehicle on the AOA will be required to complete an AOA non-movement drivers test.  The AOA Drivers test can be scheduled through the Airport Managers office and are required to be completed before the access badges are issued.

These upgrades are designed to help maintain a more secure airport for all of our tenants and airport users; we thank you for your support and help with these changes.

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Application / Renewal Airport Identification Media

Application for Finger Printing / Mandatory Criminal History Questionnaire

Lists of Acceptable Documents

Applicant's Security Badge Responsibility Agreement

Authorized Signer Information

Privacy Act Document

AOA Training

Classes will be held in the 2nd floor training room of the Airport Services Center. Each class will last an hour or so. To participate, contact Joseph Perry at 906-346-3308 Ext. 240 or email him at:

Badge Training

Course Registration

Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.

To register:


Classes are offered every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at the Airport Services Center, second floor training room. Each class will last an hour and a half. This class is mandatory for badge issuance. To register for a class, please visit and select Gwinn as the location and choose a training date. Two forms of identification is required at the class. Please visit the List of Acceptable Documents for acceptable documentation.




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